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Audio Sermons

Each week, Pastor Miley shares messages that assist us in our everday lives and help us grow closer to God.  Sermons from the last several weeks are listed below.

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Did You Receive the Holy Spirit?

Audio File: 180415_094035_MZ001.mp3 (23.20MB)

Acts 19:1-7

Lets Go!

Audio File: 180408_094050_MZ001.mp3 (20.52MB)

Mark 4:1-11

Jesus Is Risen!

Audio File: 180401_100009_MZ001.mp3 (18.58MB)

Matthew 28:5-8

Who Is this Jesus?

Audio File: 180325_094313_MZ001.mp3 (17.70MB)

Matthew 21:10-11

Joseph and His Brothers: A Picture of Forgiveness

Audio File: 180318_094151_MZ001.mp3 (17.13MB)

Genesis 45:1-5