Reception for Blake Miller



A reception will be held Sunday, February 25th, to personally express words of appreciation to Blake for his contribution to the life of our church. Blake has served ROBC for the past three years as Minister to our Youth. 

The Personnel Committee also invites you to be a part of a love offering given as a demonstration of our appreciation for Blake's ministry among us.  Love offering envelopes are available on the tables in the vestibule.  Please bring or send your love offering to the church office by the end of the worship service on February 25.



Thank you, ROBC...

God's Blessing on Our Journey

Looking back, I keep getting drawn to the time last fall when I got the call on Saturday evening that Martus was sick and I needed to preach in the morning.  The sermon needed to be about worship and framed within the context of Isaiah 6.  That sermon focused on how through praise, confession, forgiveness, and response we connect with God through the church.  I think one of the reasons I keep getting drawn back to this sermon, is because I will take many, many things from these past three years.  High among those things will be our worship together.

Worship draws us together and makes us one.  Now I don’t mean one mind.  Remember we are Baptists, and no two Baptists are ever the same.  Worship makes us one in our communal connection with God.  Through it we become a tapestry woven of vibrant strands.  I have loved becoming a part of that tapestry, and I know our time in worship together this Sunday will only reinforce that very fact.

I look forward to knowing that even though February 25th will be my last Sunday in worship as a minister of this church, I can still come back down to visit this great city and worship with the family that has warmly embraced me.

I look forward to seeing you in worship.

~ Blake Miller, Minister to Youth


The Super Bowl might be on in a few weeks, but the real big game is the following week on February 11th.  The annual ROBC Youth vs. Parents Kickball Game will take place on Sunday February 11th at 12:45pm on the field.  There will be lunch and drinks provided in the commons beforehand for all participants and any potential spectators.




End of Summer Party at the Houston Curling Club

 August 2017, Bellerive Ice Rink



Middle and High School Youth Ministries


The youth ministry at ROBC is an exciting and challenging experience for teens. The ministry is focused on giving students a fun and dynamic resource to guide them on the journey to developing their own personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  From 7th grade to 12th grade, we offer exciting opportunities to build strong relationships with other students, and learn how the Bible relates to everyday life.  Come and join in!


For students, the Youth Ministry is a place to be yourself, build relationships, and grow spiritually as you learn biblical ways to deal with the daily decisions and challenges that are part of being a teenager today...and have a great time in the process!

For parents, the youth ministry is a worthwhile, safe and culturally relevant place that you can feel good about.

Students, come spend time here and find a place where you belong, can connect with other youth, and be introduced to Jesus and a growing relationship with Him. 

Sunday Morning Bible Study

The youth are engaged in Bible study each week through our Sunday Morning Bible Study time. The studies use various curriculums, themes and presentations taught by parent volunteers. We approach Bible study in a holistic approach so that the youth learn biblical concepts that they can apply to their life situation. We meet each Sunday after Worship in the Youth Room at 11:15 AM.


We offer opportunities for fellowship to help build community, develop friendships and provide an avenue of Christian fellowship. Some examples of our fellowships include: bowling, laser tag, movies, and fun parks (i.e. Main Event Entertainment, Schlitterbahn).