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Audio Sermons

Each week, a guest pastor will share a message that assist us in our everday lives and help us grow closer to God.  Sermons from the last several weeks are listed below.

If you would like to receive notices as new sermons are added to the list, you may do so by following one of the three tags (Yahoo, Google, or RSS) below.


The Extraordinary, Ordinary Work of God

Matthew 1:1-17

Joshua Barrett  - Guest Speaker 

From Majesty to Mercy

Audio File: 190210_104342_MZ001.mp3 (18.97MB)

Isaiah 57:13

Dr. Todd Bates - Guest Speaker 

Where Have You Been? - Where are You Going?

Audio File: 190203_104854_MZ001.mp3 (19.79MB)

Dr. Josh Ellis - Guest Speaker 

The Church in My Heart

Audio File: 190127_110350_MZ001.mp3 (18.99MB)

Philippians 1:1-11

Martus Miley - Pastor

The Best Is Yet to Come

Audio File: 190120_104144_MZ001.mp3 (19.34MB)

Joshua 1: 1-2,10-11,16-17

Martus Mileu - Pastor 

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