ROBC On the Move to the Commons . . .

Beginning Sunday, July 9 through July 30
10:00AM Worship Service in the Commons

We are almost ready to Worship in a different room on our campus, as the scaffolding is in place.  It allows access to remove and install the main HVAC air handler for the Sanctuary.  The work is schedule for July 5 through July 30.

During this time, Sunday morning worship will meet in the Commons Building for the Sundays of July 9, 16, 23 and 30.  Our schedule will stay the same for the summer.  These days can provide some exciting opportunities for us.

Visitors - we will have greeters outside to guide you to the Commons for Worship.
We look forward to seeing you in July!


Sermon for Sunday, July 23rd, in the Commons


Loved by God

Matthew 28:19

There are some quotes that have made such an impression on me that they have changed the way I think about life.  For example,

  • “My personal sin does not change the nature of God.”—Oswald Chambers
  • “God’s wrath is always a redemptive wrath and his judgment is restorative rather than punitive.” — Dr. Bill Pinson
  • “It makes a huge difference whether one thinks that Jesus died to magnify God’s love or to satisfy God’s wrath.”—Cecil Osborne

The way you think about God will determine how you live and whether you enter his gates to worship with thanksgiving and praise (Psalm 100:4).

See you Sunday to move toward a more abundant life.



A Note from Pastor Martus Miley

Welcome to River Oaks Baptist Church!  We are a caring family of people seeking to be devoted followers of Jesus Christ.  Our devotion expresses itself through the disciplines of study, worship, prayer, fellowship and missions.

I would like very much for you to be a part of this loving comunity of faith.  I extend to you the invitation to join with us by your profession of faith in Christ or by the transer of your church letter.  If our staff can be of any assistance to you, please call on us.

Sunday Worship Services

Worship is the expression of our love for God and is essential to our growth as believers.  We encourage active participation in worship by all ages. Our goal in worship is to experientially know the presence of God so that our personal lives are transformed by God's presence.  

Traditional Worship Service

10:00AM Sunday mornings in the Sanctuary

At ROBC, we provide a creative worship experience through a blending of traditional and contemporary worship styles.  Our service is designed to lead persons to worship through scripture readings, personal and corporate prayer, hymn and chorus singing, choral music and responsive readings. The service is characterized by a spirit of respect for the majesty and sovereignty of the living God and a joy at being in His presence. Led by our Pastor, Martus Miley, and our Associate Pastor for Worship, Greg Stahl, the worship service provides Biblical based messages that provide truths applied to everyday living. We want you to worship with us!

Sanctuary Assisted Listening Available

As a part of the ROBC sanctuary renovations during the summer of 2012, considerable upgrades were made throughout the audio systems.  One of those upgrades was to the assisted listening devices for our members that might need additional help hearing during the worship services.

Individual wireless receivers are available in the Welcome Center before the worship service.  Each unit has individual volume control and a single ear bud.  Our Greeters will be able to assist you with the units, or they can locate our Sound Engineer if you have a question.

If you would like to use one, please sign the unit out when you arrive and return the unit to the Welcome Center following the worship service by placing it in the metal box to be recharged for the following week.

Chinese Worship Service

11:00AM Sunday mornings in the Chapel

Our Chinese Service is a celebration of God's Word in the Chinese language. Informal in style, this service is lead by Pastor Clifford Lee and is characterized by scripture readings, hymns and prayer. The service is supplemented by a Bible study program for all ages.  Please visit our Chinese Church page for more information.