Weekly Midweek Gathering for students 7th grade-12th grade!

Wednesday Nights from 6:00pm-8:00pm.  Come enjoy some fun, food, and fellowship!


The Bible is full of things that seem almost “beyond belief.”  Sometimes that’s because the stories we read on its pages are miraculous — especially the story of Exodus.  Like, did God really split a whole sea in half, speak to Moses from a burning bush, or rescue all those people from enslavement?  Other times, the Bible says things that sound a little too good to be true — like, is God really as loving, kind, patient, or powerful as Scripture says?  And can God really use each of us to do big things in the world?  In this four-week series from the book of Exodus, we’ll explore what the story of Moses and the Israelites can help us discover about doubt and belief.  We’ll talk about how, when you doubt yourself, God can still use you.  And we’ll see how, when you doubt God, it’s okay to ask questions because God still offers guidance and always takes care of you.