“Not All Who Wonder Are Lost”

Sometimes we all have doubts or worries or misunderstandings.  That doesn’t mean we aren’t Christians and that doesn’t mean we don’t know and love Jesus!  There are times in all our lives where we come across doubt or find ourselves wandering, and wondering.  Come join us for a weekend of fun at the Student Ministry Fall 2023 Retreat!

This year we will be at Lake Tomahawk Christian Retreat Center.  We will be leaving ROBC at 4:30pm on Friday 10/13 and returning back to ROBC the following day, Saturday 10/14 at 9:30PM.  The cost is $175 per student and we will have limited space!  Packing list will follow but be sure to bring a bathing suit and some recreation clothes along with your Bible and a willingness to learn!  Please fill out the registration form and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to email cjohns@robc.org!

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