This Sunday's Sermon

Sunday, May 16, 10:00 AM
Sanctuary (In-Person); Facebook & YouTube (Online) 

"Finding Your Purpose"
Jeremiah 29:10-13a; Luke 12:22-31

This sermon will focus on finding your purpose and calling in life.  Does life have a purpose?  How do we choose our occupation, our spouse, and make the big decisions that come our way?  Is life just random?  What standard should we use?  Jeremiah reflects on something of the  purpose in life that God grants to each of us: to use our gifts in glorifying Him.

Join the ROBC Family for our Worship Service on Sunday, May 16th at 10:00 AM for IN-PERSON and ONLINE WORSHIP

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Please note: You DO NOT need a personal Facebook account to view the ROBC livestream services. 

If you have children at home, feel free to print the age-appropriate Children’s Worship Guides for them to complete:

Click here for Ages 3-6 Worksheet 1 Color.pdf.
Click here for Ages 3-6 Worksheet 2 Color.pdf.
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Reception in Appreciation for Dr. Brian Brewer

Dr. Brian Brewer has announced that he will be leaving us after Sunday, May 23rd.  When he was hired as our interim pastor, we anticipated an approximate term of 18-24 months.  He has fulfilled that obligation.  We will have a reception to honor Dr. Brewer on Sunday, May 23rd following the morning worship service. 

Now, as we enter a new chapter of our search, a new interim will be needed.  The Personnel Committee is working to fill the pulpit with preachers for the coming weeks this summer as work toward finding a new interim is ongoing. 

Also, the Diaconate has been discussing steps to move forward in anticipation of renewing the search for our next pastor.  There is a four-person Deacon group assigned as a listening group to gather information about how to improve our next pastor search process.  The group is listening on an individual basis and not in a town-hall style meeting.

Please hold our staff and congregation in your prayers, as well as those members who volunteer to give so much time to fulfilling the many needs of ROBC.

Please join us on May 23rd as we express our appreciation to Dr. Brewer for his time with us.

CCSC Annual Azalea Gala

Christian Community Service Center is excited to host its 24th annual Azalea Gala on November 3, 2021 at the Post Oak Hotel in uptown Houston.  This year’s event will honor the Agee Family Foundation and its generosity to CCSC over the years.  It would be wonderful if many of our River Oaks Baptist Church members could take part in this festive gala, which is CCSC’s biggest fundraising event.  In addition to the celebration, it is an opportunity to share the mission of CCSC and to introduce new people to the organization.

Please consider supporting the Azalea Gala by sponsoring a table or purchasing a ticket to attend.  To learn more and support the gala, information may be found at  Also, please feel free to call Lauren Neimeyer at or Sarah Bell at 713-516-5228 (   Please make plans to attend.  

Hope to see you there!

Sarah Bell
ROBC Liaison


In-Person Bible Study Resumes

We have resumed Bible Study for all ages (pre-school through adults) on the ROBC campus.  In order to adhere to social distancing guidelines, room assignments will be different than they were pre-COVID.

Here are the locations for Bible Study Classes:



Children’s Church (K thru 4th)


Preschool Worship (3’s - 5’s)

Fellowship Hall C

Babies (Nursery)




3’s thru 5 yrs. old


K thru 2nd


3rd – 6th


Youth (7th-12th)

Youth Room (COMMONS)


Fellowship Hall A&B






Church Library

Just as in worship, we are encouraging everyone in Bible Study to wear a face covering and to continue to practice social distancing.

We are very excited to resue Bible Study and to move one step closer to a sense of normalcy!


2021 ROBC Commitment Cards

Dear Members and Friends of ROBC,

The spirit of thankfulness begins with humility and gratitude for all that God has given us. It’s easy to take blessings for granted and forget that all that we have is a gift of God, but even amidst the trials and tribulations of 2020, God has blessed our church and our congregation.   In this season of thanksgiving, we are called as Christians to demonstrate our thankfulness by giving back.

As we enter the fall season and 2020 draws to a close, we can look forward to the blessings to come in 2021.  Planning for the year ahead is a vital part of the continuing health of our church, and our many committees have already accomplished most of the necessary preparations, including next year’s budget. In order to fulfill the 2021 Ministry Budget recently approved by the congregation, ROBC needs your giving pledges for the coming year.

Due to the many considerations we have made for in-person and virtual worship, the Stewardship/Finance Leadership Team is implementing an electronic pledge card drive.  A fillable form is included along with this letter that can be emailed back to the church, and a link to download the form will also be available in the weekly newsletter. If you prefer to pledge in the traditional way, printed pledge cards will be available in the Sanctuary for several Sunday worship services, and they can be mailed to you upon request.  Printed pledge cards can be returned by US Mail for those more comfortable.  However, the main focus of collection will be electronic.

Following are the options for making your 2021 Pledge:

As you give this your prayerful consideration in the coming days, we invite you to join in the biblical, counter-cultural understanding of giving out of joy and freedom, as we humbly remember that all things come from God and that we depend upon Him—not ourselves—as our supply.

We look forward to God’s blessings at ROBC through the gifts we each bring in faith and stewardship.  Each and every one of you makes a significant difference.  So, please give in faith and joy remembering those melodic words “Because I have been given much, I too must give.”

Yours in Christ,                         

Mike Poe, Chair                                                 Dr. Brian C. Brewer
Stewardship/Finance Leadership Team             Interim Pastor




Why a Church App?

-Stay connected to ROBC during the week

  • Encouragement 
  • Reminders of special events
  • Weather (Hurricanes, Ice, Storms)
  • Important information needing to be shared ASAP

-Quick access to the church calendar 

What is in the App?

-Calendar of church activities 

-Push notifications or Text Messages

  • General 
  • Targeted groups

-Audio files of sermons

-Prayer request form

-Opportunity for online giving

-Many other features we may add in the future! 

How do I get the App?

Go to your phone's app store and search for River Oaks Baptist Church 

Or follow one of the following links: 

iPhone App Store:

Google Play: 

The app is FREE! 


ROBC In-Person Worship

Thank you to each and every person who has worked so hard to help us have a successful and safe worship experience during this time.  From ushers and musicians, to church staff and the ROB maintenance staff, to most importantly the individuals who are attending, everyone is working together so that we can offer safe worship as a congregation in person.  The first two weeks we had 44 and 47 people in attendance on campus as well as another significant group worshiping with us online.  What a joy to see everyone again!  No doubt we are still months away from being able to again worship in a more normal fashion but for now we are all thankful that for a time on Sunday morning when we can come together and worship with the restrictions we face during the pandemic.

With those words of thanks and encouragement, there are still some areas of our process we need to address as ways we can do better.  First, every person who attends worship must wear a face covering for the entire time they are in the worship service and that face covering must cover both the mouth and nose area.  Face coverings are our way of being caring and considerate of the others in worship.  We know they are uncomfortable and hot.  Please do not cause others to stay home from worship due to their concerns in this area.  Second, please help the ushers and protect those around you by only sitting in the safe areas designated.  Any place there is a green sign is a non-seating area.

I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the House of the Lord.  Psalm 122:1

- Greg

Click here for Safety Guidelines & Practices.