Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in Worship?
Our Sunday Worship service begins at 10:00 AM in the Sanctuary and ends at 11:00 AM.  The service consists of traditional hymns with prayer time, a sermon, announcements, and sometimes additional readings or times of sharing from our members.   For more details with parking, childcare information, etc. please click here to learn what to expect on Sunday mornings.  Please visit our Worship page for details and to see a photo of our Sanctuary.

Which Bible Study Class is right for me?
We have several adult Bible study classes to choose from based on age, gender, or stage in life.  Please see our page entitled Adults for detailed information to assist you with this decision.

Does R.O.B.C. offer childcare? 
Yes!  We offer childcare for babies through age 3 in the church nursery rooms.  Our nursery staff are loving ladies who take the time to learn the parents while keeping young ones happy and safe.  They even have a simple Bible curriculum for the 2-3-year-olds.  Children ages 4 and up can sit with their parents in the Sanctuary for the first half of the Worship Service, and then join the other children when they are dismissed for Children's Church before the sermon begins. This allows them to enjoy and respect time in "Big Church" before leaving for age-appropriate church activities.  Please visit our Children's Ministry page for details on where our childcare rooms are located.

Do you offer anything for the hearing impaired, and easy access for those needing assistance?
We offer listening assisted devices available for use in the Sanctuary.  These may be picked up from our Welcome Center, and one of our greeters can assist with how to use them.

Our Sanctuary has 2 locations that provide extra space for walkers and wheelchairs which make viewing easier. 

How do I become a member of River Oaks Baptist Church?
We would like very much for you to be a part of this loving community of faith!  You may join our church family either by your profession of faith in Christ, or by the transfer of your church membership.  Please contact the church office so we can connect you with one of our ministers to discuss this further so that we may get to know you and your family better.