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Our services are uploaded to our channel every Sunday at 11:30 a.m. CST. 


In Remembrance of Pastor Paul

Pastor Paul's earthly path came to an end on July 11, 2021 as he passed on to Eternity while doing his service to God by preparing for Sunday Worship Service. 
He taught us many things during his time with our church both in words and song.  We will truly miss him in our church especially for his Teo Chew ministry and with the online service in the Thai language.  He was a great example of faithfulness in the midst of adversity.  We are comforted to know that he now lives in the light of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and we can see him again as we continue in service to our awesome God who so loves us that He sent His Son to save us from our sins that we may have life everlasting with Him. 
Pray for those who will follow his lead. 

Pastor Clifford Lee

Mother's Day Service - In-Person Worship Guidelines

We will be having our Mother's Day service in the ROBC Sanctuary on May 9th, 2021. 

Before you arrive, please familiarize yourself with our COVID-19 Guidelines for in-person worship:

Mother's Day Service 2021 Guidelines (English)

Mother's Day Service 2021 Guidelines (Chinese)

ROBCCM Safety Guidelines

ROBC Safety Guidelines and Practices 


ROBCCM Christmas Day Program 2020


>>>>> <<<<<

*** ROBCCM Virtual Christmas Card: ***

Thank you to everyone who made this possible! 

Christmas Skit: Joshua Lee (Gabriel) and Jonathan Lee (Michael) 

Scripture Reading: Sydney Bertrand, Andrew Chang, Ashley Chang, Russell Chang, Austin Lam, Camryn Lam, Elizabeth Lee, Esther Lee, Jonathan Lee 

Special Music: Esther Lee, Elizabeth Lee, Jonathan Lee 

...And a special thanks to EVERYONE who participated in the ROBCCM Virtual Christmas Card!!! 

We hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! 

Food Distribution 2020

It has been a year since we took the picture of the Labor Day Retreat and so I thought I would update a little for those looking at the website.  This is our Food Distribution that we had.  As you can see, we were taking all of the precautions that were needed with gloves and masks.  We set up and had people drive though to pick up bags of groceries to distribute to people in our community.  We also had the opportunity to share some flowers that were given to us by members.  We are anxious to do something else in the community.  Along with this, we had gift distributions for Mother's Day and Father's Day.

ROCK Ministry - River Oaks Children's Keepers

Are we our children’s keepers?  The answer is a definite “YES!”

ROCK is a global ministry project reaching out to children.  They may be abused, abandoned, hungry, or homeless.  It serves one and serves one hundred.  In caring for the one, that one can grow up to care for 100.

ROCK is a ministry that reaches out through the use of the God given talents of all individuals.  Each person has a special gift or ability.  We are not all the same.  But we can come together with the same heart, the same purpose, the same mission.

ROCK is a vision that starts with the heart of caring locally as a foundation.  With a strong foundation, ROCK grows arms and legs on that caring heart by which to reach out to the world.


Diaspora Ministry and Mentoring of Future Leaders in the Paul-Timothy Ministry

In conjunction with the Southern Baptist Convention, the International Mission Board, and the Southern Baptist Texas Convention, each church is asked to consider the Diaspora Ministry of the church with the Church Planting strategies and development of leadership using the Timothy-Paul mentorship model.   This ministry will meet the need of reaching out into the community to those who are in need of connection with others in a significant way that involves their daily lives and needs both spiritually and relationally.  Prayerful consideration is needed for each church to plan the subsequent needs of the church for outreach, ministry, and discipleship in addition to current ministry of the church.  Each church would need to:

  1. Pray and know the ministry of the Church in reaching out to those who need to know the love and forgiveness that Jesus brings.
  2. Seek out those that would be willing to heed the call of Christ into the ministry of the Church as the body of Christ.
  3. Begin a mentorship ministry (Timothy-Paul) to develop Christ minded leaders in the Church and in the ministry of Christ.
  4. Give support of the mentorship ministry as it progresses from one being mentored to mentoring others.

We hope and pray that each church will see the importance both in the Diaspora Ministry as well as the ministry of the local church and the Church as a whole.  Church Planting ministry includes the development of leaders who are willing and Spirit-abled to be led and then to lead the Body of Christ until Jesus comes back in all of His Glory. 

To our congregation at ROBC Chinese Mission: 

In response to this, I am asking each family represented in our congregation to send a representative that would meet the criteria for considering this ministry. God has blessed all to the families in this church to be where you are today.  It is now time that we respond to that blessing in thanksgiving and service.   We will have an information session and then they will be asked to respond at some point in the future after they have had plenty of time to think and pray about their involvement in this ministry.  Minimally, they would need to be 18 years old or identify a very strong call to the ministry of Christ and the Church.  This is not a motion for the church to vote on, rather it is an individual call to ministry and an ordination of leadership by Ministers of the Gospel.

This first session will be on Father’s Day during lunch and it will be about 15 minutes with opportunity to stay longer to ask questions.

Pastor Clifford Lee
Pastor Paul Foo