Sunday Service Facebook Livestream

With the concerning upswing in Coronavirus cases and hospitalizations here in Houston, the ROBC staff has made the decision to initiate some changes to the weekly livestream worship service.  For the next two weeks Dr. Brewer will be recording his video message from his home in Waco and we will post that video on Facebook and YouTube on Sunday morning.  Also, a small group of ROBC staff and musicians will provide an additional video that can also be found on Facebook and YouTube to go with the message from Dr. Brewer.  We hope these changes will be temporary as we monitor the data on the Coronavirus here in Houston.

Sunday, July 12, 10:00 AM
Facebook Livestream

"True Success"

Genesis 39:1-23

Through his ups and even downs, Joseph is a “success story,” not because of his promotions (and demotions) but because of his faithfulness to God.

Join Dr. Brian Brewer and the ROBC Staff  for Worship Service on Facebook Sunday, July 5th at 10:00 AM on ROBC Facebook page for our online worhip service: 

Please note:  You DO NOT need a personal Facebook account to view the ROBC livestream services.

If you have children at home, feel free to print the age-appropriate Children’s Worship Guides for them to complete:

Click here for Ages 3-6 Worksheet 1 Color.pdf.
Click here for Ages 3-6 Worksheet 2 Color.pdf.
Click here for Ages 7+ Worksheet Color.pdf.


Adult Bible Study Classes Updates

Our adult Bible study classes continue to find many ways to spend time together during the stay-at-home directive.  Below you will see what each class Is doing to stay in touch and ministering to its members. 

The Men’s Class
The men’s class is meeting at 11:00 AM each Sunday by video conference.  Lesson notes are distributed each week.  Our videoconference time together is spent in fellowship, sharing prayer requests and in prayer. So far, we have been using the free Zoom platform, which has a 40-minute limit.  The men are enjoying the opportunity to stay connected in this way. ~ Joe Poff

Senior Adults
Hello church family, I hope and pray that you all and your families are well.  I have started a facetime (Easter Sunday was our first one) with my class.  It’s easy for us because currently this is one family in my class, Jim and Eddie Nelson (and I hope that’s not a reflection on the teacher ??).  It went very well, and I could tell that Jim and Eddie really enjoyed it.  We essentially held the class as we would any other Sunday School class (except virtually), i.e. we gathered prayer requests, prayed, and then had the lesson. ~ Jacques Hodges

The Seekers
The Seekers have been meeting for the last 3 weeks via Zoom.  I purchased the $15/month version, because the 40-minute limitation didn’t work well for us.  We’ve only managed to have one lesson out of these three occasions, but we have been able to keep up with one another (6-7 participants) and to pray together.  I know everyone appreciates the connection opportunity.   We are getting much better with our use of the technology, so I’m sure we will do better with our lessons as the routine gets more fixed.  ~ Carolyn McConathay

The Bridges Class
The Bridges Class members are receiving their lesson each week by email. I write what I normally would be teaching and sharing on the whiteboards and Fran Keeth is preparing it for distribution electronically and sending it Saturday night. She also has kindly created a private class “hangout” where those who desire to participate may give updates or prayer requests.
We too, all miss being together physically, but are thankful for all ways of communication. ~ Joyce Ahearn

Since the first week of sheltering in place, I have been in touch with my class members twice a week through what Martus and I have called a "prayer initiative".   We invited everyone in the class to pray with us for what we have called "circles of concern or care" each day.

Those circles include the world, the nations, the cities, the neighborhoods, our homes and our own personal needs, and the "praying in one accord" is specifically for peace and health in each of those circles of concern.   These emails give suggestions for private prayer time and scriptures that are relevant to the prayer initiative and our messages to the class.

On Sundays, we have invited the class members to join together in prayer from 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM NOON in their own homes, focusing their prayers for whatever needs each has in one or all of those circles and praying especially for the welfare and future of ROBC.  Either Martus or I has provided a suggested prayer guide each week.  Some report back that they are including their children in these focused prayer times.

Response to this invitation has been heart-warming, both from the ones who joined in from the beginning, and new ones who join in each week.  It has so been meaningful to read how much that shared focus in prayer has meant to individuals.  

May God bless you and keep you in these strange and certain times --
May God make his face to shine upon you -- and give you peace.  ~ Jeanie Miley




Why a Church App?

-Stay connected to ROBC during the week

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-Quick access to the church calendar 

What is in the App?

-Calendar of church activities 

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-Audio files of sermons

-Prayer request form

-Opportunity for online giving

-Many other features we may add in the future! 

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